At Can Martí we are inspired by permaculture which we see as a responsible way to interact with the environment and protect nature.

This philosophy requires a special infrastructure to optimize a sustainable vision on all levels.

We generate our own solar energy through photovoltaic cells and solar panels, which produce more than 50% of the electricity and 85% of the hot water consumed in our agroturismo.

We also have a complex, natural system of wastewater treatment. It includes various mechanisms and a series of ponds with aquatic plants that filter the water and allow reuse for trees irrigation. We also collect rainwater that falls on the roofs in a cistern, when full, it’s diverted to a water deposit through small channels running along the property, later used to water the orchards and other crops.

Fruits & vegetables

Our agroturismo engages in 100% organic agriculture, inline with our sustainable vision. In doing so, we also maintain the age-old tradition of self sufficiency in the Ibizan countryside. We raise livestock and grow a wide variety of agricultural produce which is later, locally distributed.

Among our terraced crops, vegetable gardens and fruit trees, we have vine yards, olive, fig and almond trees and grow an array of herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme, leaving a rich aroma which you smell from time to time as their sent sails through the air wind. Each year we produce a small quantity of saffron.

Agriculture gives us a way of life that is in constant contact with nature, and which runs according to the changing of the seasons. It also regenerates the landscape and atmosphere that we like to live in, and contributes to the cheerful bustle that makes up everyday life here.


The ability to purchase your ingredients directly from our home grown farm is part of the attraction of Can Martí. Our shop is a small space reminiscent of the old Ibizan shops, conveniently located next to the access path to the agroturismo.

Here, our guests will find a range of the natural produce and other products that we make from fresh ingredients grown in the farm, such as extra virgin olive oil and a selection of homemade jams and marmalades. On the shelves you’ll also find free range eggs from our chickens as well as legumes, cereals, organic wines and an assortment of fair trade products.

All the rooms within the farmhouse are equipped with a kitchen, allowing our guests to prepare meals and cook the fresh vegetables and fruit that grow around them.


The size and distribution of the finca allows us not only to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, but also to raise different species of animals, something which contributes significantly to the lifestyle at Can Martí.

Top of our livestock are the chickens that run around freely throughout the countryside and provide us with fresh and tasty eggs. They come in many varieties and colors. Among them there are also ducks and geese, as well as a flock of sheep.

At the top of the plantation there is another corral, inhabited by five donkeys, and around the house you’ll often find our cat, Selu and dog, Ringo strolling around. In the ponds, frogs also offer us a daily concert, sharing this habitat with a type of fish (Gambusia affinis), which feed on insect larvae and prevent their proliferation.