At Can Martí we’ve built the first natural eco-pool in Ibiza, run by an ecological mechanism which keeps the water crystal clear without using any chemicals or additives which means, no dry skin or irritated eyes.

As the water is continuously circulating through a lava stone filter, additionally oxygenated by a waterfall, the pool is kept spotless. The roots of water lilies and other aquatic plants surround the pool in order to help removing impurities throughout the day.

The pool is elevated, away from the house, near an olive grove which creates its own, natural microcosm. Here, nature is all you’ll see and hear, butterflies, dragonflies and birds flutter around the pool and the lounge area offers an idyllic location to see the sunset in between the surrounding hills.


At Can Martí we like to contribute to the wellbeing of our guests and we have several facilities especially designed for this purpose. At the top of the finca, slightly away from the house you will find our ‘hammam’, also open to non-hosted guests all year long.

The inside of the ‘hammam’ is infused with a hazy heat. The contrast ocher colour of the walls compliments the emerald finishing of the benches and water fountain. Built in accordance to traditional Moroccan techniques, the interior is coated in an all-natural surface which is bright, polished and waterproof.

After a steam bath, our guests are invited to choose from our health and beauty treatments, such as massages, using 100% natural products. If the temperatures allow these can also be enjoyed outdoors, with the valley as a backdrop.