Throughout its 210 kilometers of coastline, Ibiza is home to over 80 beaches and coves. Can Martí is located in the heart of the Área Natural de Es Amunts in the north of the island, along pristine and rugged coast line. A few minutes from the farmhouse between towering cliffs you begin to spy glances of the sea and little islands in the distance where you’ll find secluded coves and long sandy beaches ideal for the whole family and with a special feeling of privacy which is hard to find in other areas on the island.

There are many popular beaches, but at Can Martí we have our favorites. They are the ones we like to recommend to our guests, who tend to be looking for the authentic and peaceful corners in an already idyllic area.

These include S’Illot des Renclí, Cala Xuclar, Cala Xarraca and Cala d’en Serra, in our immediate surroundings. Also Cala Benirràs, with its glorious sunsets to the rhythm of the drums on Sunday, and s’Aigua blanca, at the edge of the eastern strip of Es Amunts.


For over half a century, Ibiza has been an international island where people from all around the globe live. This diversity is also reflected in a rich multicultural cuisine offer that adapts to the needs of every visitor.

Ibizan cuisine, is largely based upon seafood dishes and country fare, which you’ll be able to sample across the villages and along the coastline. Our favorites include the Oleoteca Ses Escoles in San Lorenzo, the legendary Bar Costa in Santa Gertrudis and the chiringuito Cala Xuclar, ideal for enjoying fresh fish.

Additionally, there are other restaurants that offer more exotic recipes such as Es Café-Casa Pepe in San Vicente, The Giri Café in San Juan and La Paloma in San Lorenzo, and last but not least some that offer organic cuisine, vegetarian recipes and essentially healthy food. Among these we usually recommend Ecocentro Wild Beets in Santa Gertrudis, Can Guimó in San Lorenzo, Sabores Naturales in San Juan and Eat is Life in Ibiza town.

Villages and monuments

Can Martí is a ten-minute walk from the nearest village, Sant Joan, through the forest along a path that leads to the upper part of the town. This is one of the quietest villages in Ibiza, with small cafes and local shops. On Sunday mornings, a very popular market is held, which brings some of the best craftsmen and artisans from all over the island as well as life music.

Other villages in the area are Sant Miquel, Sant Llorenç, Sant Vicent, Santa Gertrudis, Sant Mateu, Santa Agnès and Sant Carles. All very small rural nuclei, characterized by their whitewashed churches and the ‘casas payesas’ that pop out from the mountains, scattered among the green pine forest.

In addition, Es Amunts has different monuments and attractions, like the caves d’en Marçà and Es Culleram, the defense towers of Balansat and d’en Valls, and the town of Balàfia. It also offers hiking trails through unique sites, such as the plains of Corona and Sant Mateu, Ses Balandres, Cala d’Albarca and Es Portitxol.


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