Natural swimming pool

Given the water shortage of every hot Ibiza summer and the massive role the maintenance of regular swimming pools play in it, we aimed to make a significant difference and came up with the island´s first completely natural pool concept back in 2009. Ever since, we have re-adapted the original patent by Swiss company Bioteich to our specific climate, location and environment.
There are quite a few differences to a regular pool, the first being that once ours is filled with purified natural water, we only need to top it, as opposed to having to change it completely on an annual basis.
A pleasant fact, that is mainly owed to the special organic cleaning cycle of this customised system, based on several layers of different type of stones (one of them being volcanic pebbles) and perennial plant roots filtration in combination with a cascade to ensure steady flow without any stagnation. The mechanism also secures an optimised water pH and oxygen level while minimizing evaporation.
This enables us to do completely without the use of any chemicals, while at the same time making use of the careful, organic cleaning job that nature does. That way we can make sure there is no toxic wastewater… and you can see and feel the difference to a swim in a regular chlorine pool with every dip you take.
The use of purifying plants around the pool adds to the powers of nature, also allowing for a natural cycle of animal life helping to keep the water free of mosquito larvae etc. As a special adaption to Ibiza climate, we established the beneficial use of sugar cane. Thriving on the waters nutrition from its roots while helping to purify the water, it also provides additional food for our animals as a bonus.


Another benefit is added by an integrated water regeneration part, more shallow and that way using sunlight and added pebbles to bring the water to a pleasant temperature without having to heat it artificially. Plus: the cascade flow system ensures the prevention of any algae growth by the effects of UV ray sunlight before the water re-enters the main basin.
The pool size allows for both swimming and relaxing, while at the same time the shape is partially adapted to our natural surroundings. We aimed at making this particular area a little biotope paradise of its own.
The only additional energy needed (apart from regular maintenance of course) is for the surplus pool pump system – and, like in many other parts of Can Marti, that energy is provided by solar power.
And that’s just how natural a natural pool should be. How about a swim? Once you dried up, feel free to add a great Cocktail from the bar of our little Chiringuito for sunset pleasures if you like. Naturally!