– We truly hope we make you feel at home away from home –

Contact number:  +34 971 33 35 00

Welcome to our ecological Finca Can Martí and thank you again for making us part of your journey, as well as for being part of ours. We would like to shine a light on a couple of our viewpoints and beliefs concerning sustainability, organic agriculture and eco-lifestyle in the hope of making your stay as pleasant as possible.


…is life. Please use it thoughtfully because thanks to Ibiza’s long, hot summers, it’s scarce. All our wastewater is collected and filtered through a plant based system and then re-used for watering our plants and gardens. To facilitate the filtering process biodegradable soaps and cleaning products are recommended.


…is everything – and most of our finca’s energy comes from solar power. Please consume it consciously and help us save energy.


…is caring for what goes on around you. Helping to make the world a better, prettier, healthier place. Please help us in the process by separating your waste and putting all compostable things in the compost bin. Concerning baby nappies, please bin them properly and preferably directly in our outside rubbish container.


…is our habitat. And not just our habitat: as we are located in the middle of the countryside where insects are native, natural inhabitants, there is a chance that they will appear in or around your accommodation. Please get in touch with our reception desk if you are in need of assistance and don’t buy or use conventional insecticides. Make sure your food is safely stored in the fridge, your food waste is thrown in the designated compost bin and dirty dishes as well as leftovers are taken care of to avoid unwanted visitors.


…is available and free. The password is:


We do would like to remind you however that you are surrounded by an exquisite piece of paradise, filled with nothing but nature’s inherent, breathtaking beauty, so don’t forget to enjoy it while you are here.


…is the most important meal of the day. Our organic breakfast is served every morning from 09:00 till 11:00 a.m. in the breakfast area. In case you are staying in an accommodation with kitchen please make sure to reserve your breakfast at least one day in advance to avoid disappointment.


…is like tiny-home-cooking. May we point out to you that your kitchen is not equipped with an extractor hood, therefore frying or grilling your meals might not be your best option smell (or health) wise. For those of you who feel like holidays are not for home cooking anyway we offer a range of locally sourced, organic meal options in our onsite shop, chiringuito or at our weekly dinner night.


…is open 24/7! In our cute, little onsite shop we offer seasonal produce, organic fruits and vegetables, mostly from our farm, and assorted other organic foods, beverages and products. The tienda is accessible around the clock, just make sure to clearly write down your purchases including the mentioned price – or the weight in case of fruits and vegetables. Children must be accompanied by an adult when shopping. Think global, shop local!


…is a 100% natural freshwater pool that is filtered in a chemical-free way. Entering the pool is allowed during daytime only. Please always shower before taking a dip or dive in order to keep local flora and fauna safe from sunscreen or other unnatural substances. Ask us for alternatives to your regular sunscreen in case you are interested. Our guests come here to enjoy the quiet tranquility we stand for so we highly appreciate you respecting and contributing to the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere at the pool area as much as on the rest of the premises as it will be for your own wellbeing as well.


…brings Ibiza’s chill beach vibe to the poolside. In case you feel like a little refreshment or homemade dainty while sunbathing and relaxing by the pool, no need to go far for our chiringuito is right there to satisfy your needs. Open from mid May till end of September.


…are a great way to explore the area, and we have some at your disposal. Please make sure to book them a day in advance. We can provide you with route plans and inspiration for scenic rides, also in terms of hiking.


…are happy, curious and kids friendly. They love your attention but they get plenty of food so please don’t feed them.


…is at your disposal for 15€ per washing for doing laundry only, 20€ for washing and drying (price per machine). Please ask for a laundry basket at reception.


…happens on a daily basis. Please note that we don’t wash the dishes. For more thorough or extra cleaning on request, we charge 20€/h. Towels, covers, blankets and pillows are for indoor use only – except the provided pool towels of course!


…all our accommodations are non-smoking so we kindly ask you to smoke outside and respect your neighbours while doing so. Also please be aware of the fire hazard, specially during a dry, hot Ibiza summer, when disposing of your burning cigarettes.


…is at 11a.m. A later check-out might be possible depending on occupancy. Please contact our reception desk for more information or requests.


…are highly appreciated at Finca Can Martí. We reserve the right to charge you additional fees for necessary repair or replacement of any damage done to your accommodation during your stay.

We wish you a memorable stay at Finca Can Martí!

Breakfast menu

– from 9am to 11am –

* If not included in your room rate please make sure to order one day in advance *

Spanish breakfast – 21.00 €

Toasts and croissant with “tomate rallado”, goat cheese, scrambled eggs and veggie special from the garden. Juice of the day and a hot drink.

Continental breakfast – 21.00 €

Toasts and croissant with butter, jams and honey. Fresh fruit salad, yogurt and granola. A juice of the day and a hot drink.

Vegan breakfast – 21.00 €

Chia bowl with fresh fruits, homemade granola and coconut. A juice of the day and a hot drink.

Kitchen bar food menu

Open everyday until 2pm and from Thursday to Sunday until 8.30pm

– Please order at the bar – 


Bread & aioli with olives – 6€ p.p.

Hummus with crudités – 16

Octopus salad with potatoes, olives and red/green pepper – 22€

“Boquerones” with black olives- 15€

Homemade toast with fresh tomatoes, garlic and anchovies – 18

Homemade toast with hummus, sun-dried tomatoes and sprouts – 18€


Quinoa salad with greens from the garden and feta cheese – 24€

Marinated chicken with vegetables from the garden seasoned with lemon – 26€

Sea bass with mashed sweet potato and crispy kale – 28€

Homemade raviolis with gorgonzola and chard – 26€

French omelette with goat cheese and vegetables – 23€

Fusilli with fresh tomato, garlic and basil – 19€


Açai bowl with chia and fresh fruits – 15€

Yogurt with granola, coco and fresh fruits – 12€

Homemade truffles – 4€/u

Ice cream scoop – 3.5€

Kitchen bar drinks menu

Open everyday until 2pm and from Thursday to Sunday until 8.30pm

– Please order at the bar – 

Soft Drinks

Still or Sparkling Water SM/LG – 3€/4.5€

Kombucha – 5€

Yerba mate, Lemon mint, Lemongrass, Hibiscus ginger

Whole Earth – 3.5€

Ginger, Lemon, Cranberry, Orange, Cola, Apple, Elderflower                  

Belvoir and Naturfrisk – 4.5€

Ginger Beer, Lemonade

Tensaï iced tea – 5.5€

Green tea lemon elderflower, Matcha tea peppermint                         

Homemade drinks and detox shots

Homemade lemonade – 5.5€

Juice of the day – 7€

Detox shot – 4.5€

Ginger, lime, apple


Pilsener and lager – 4.5€

Gluten free beer – 5.5€

White Wines

Herencia Altés. Garnatxa. Terra Alta – 6€/glass – 19€/bottle       

Ikigall by David Seijas. Penedès – 25€/bottle

Menade Verdejo. Rueda – 28€/bottle

Red Wines

Goru, Jumilla. Monastrell – 6€/glass – 19€/bottle

Viladellops. Garnatxa. Penedès – 25€/bottle

El Pacto. Bodega López de Haro. Tempranillo. Rioja – 29€/bottle

Rosé & Grey Wines                                                                                                           

Pasión de Bobal. Bodega Sierra Norte. Utiel Requena – 6€/glass – 19€/bottle

Dahlia Gris. Garnatxa. Penedès. Bodega U mes U – 25€/bottle


Eudald Massana Noya Brut Nature – 21€/bottle

Cygnus Sador Brut Nature. Alt Penedès. Bodega U mes U – 25€/bottle


Can Marti Mojito – 16€

Mezcal Mule – 16€

Gin Tonic – 16€

Virgin Mojito – 12€

Sangria jug – 29€

Red wine, white wine or cava

Hot Drinks

Tea – 3.5€

Fresh herbal tea from the garden – 4.5€


Espresso – 3€

Cortado – 3.5€*

Double espresso – 3.5€

Americano – 3.5€

Cafe con leche / Cappuccino – 4€*

Flat White – 4.5€*

*with cow or oat milk

For the ultimate relaxation we have an assortment of massages and treatments available for our guests:

Deep Tissue ~ Myofascial Massage 

€95 for 60 mins | €135 for 90 mins

Highly effective in the treatment of chronic pain & tension in soft tissue areas including sport induced muscle stress, low back pain, poor posture, sciatica and more. Slow, deep pressure to adhesions and ‘knots’ followed by assisted stretching to increase the blood circulation and improve movement to problem areas

Therapeutic Relaxation 

€90 for 60 mins | €130 for 90 mins

This treatment provides full body muscle and mind relaxation. If you’re feeling low in energy, anxious, ungrounded or have physical tension you would like to let go of this treatment is for you. This completely holistic treatment with the option of calming essential oils will leave you feeling rebalanced, rejuvenated and restored in body, mind & soul

Indian Head ~ Reflex Foot Massage 

€50 for 30 mins | €90 for 60 mins

Bring your body and mind back to a state of balance. These individual treatments are deeply relaxing and will help activate the bodies natural healing ability. Stimulation of the acupressure points of the head and feet help eliminate toxins in the body, boost the immune system and increase energy levels, whilst leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and present. These treatments can also be included as an ‘add on’ to any full body treatment. Please request when booking 

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage  

€125 for 80mins

Originating from India this energizing full body treatment combines deep tissue work, assisted yoga based stretches and the breath to open up the body for an experience of total rejuvenation.  Helps to increase blood circulation, range of motion and assist in alleviating joint and muscle pain. Both hands and feet may be used during this treatment which is performed on a floor mattress

For all bookings and enquiries please contact our Therapist directly:

Francesca Dacamara WhatsApp: +44 7838 400 350 *payment in cash only please*

Please note that all above services have to be booked at least one day in advance. In case of cancellation with less than 24h notice you will be charged with half of the fee of the booked service.

Can Marti’s peaceful valley forms the perfect backdrop for practicing yoga. Our guests can either do their own practice on the yoga platform surrounded by nature or we happily organise a private or group class for you in case desired.

Private Yoga class 60mins.  70€ for one person +20€ for every extra person.

For all bookings and enquiries please contact our Yoga teacher directly:

Anna WhatsApp: +34 603 11 54 06  *payment in cash only please*

Please note all services have to be booked at least one day in advance and need to be paid in cash. In case of cancellation with less than 24h notice you will be charged with half of the fee of the booked service.

Welcome to the rural, untouched North of the island of Ibiza, to our cosy oasis of an Agroturismo, to your home away from home for the coming time. And thank you for choosing us to be part of your voyage and memory making. We have aimed to create the perfect environment for you to unwind and slow down to the peace and pace of Mother Nature.

These 42 acres of protected paradise have been in the making since almost 500 years ago, when the white-washed main house of the finca was built; the beginning of an enchanting story of centuries of agriculture, maintaining and sustaining the farmland as well as the farmhouse in a dedicated, nurturing, respectful manner. A story in which Nature always plays the leading role.

When Isabelle and Peter Brantschen bought the traditional, typical Ibicencan finca in 1994 and moved to the island from Switzerland with their two young sons they had the dream of building an eco-sanctuary that one day they could share with the rest of the world, setting an example for what an entirely ecological, self-sustainable, organic, on permaculture based place could look and feel like, not just in working the land but also concerning lodging and hospitality.

So after 25 years of renovations and dedication, improving the property step by step, Finca Can Martí grew almost organically from a family home to simple guest rooms to the eco-hotel that we are today. This dream come true we are now enthusiastically sharing with you here, hoping that you can sense the long loving history of the finca and the green valley that embraces it, the energy, passion and dedication embedded into it, as well as the celebration of the local fauna and flora we stand for.

Our exclusive mix of surroundings, service and style forms the ideal breeding ground for an unparalleled holistic holiday: from our location in nature reserve Es Amunts, nearby the unspoiled beaches of the North and at a walking distance of one of the island’s most original villages San Juan, to our cosy, comfortable rooms and casitas – blending tradition, minimalism and ecology effortlessly – our conscious cuisine made with ingredients from the organic farm, our round the clock eco-shop, our amiable animals, the all natural pool with it’s chill Chiringuito, our tranquillising treatments y mucho más. We herewith warmly welcome you to Finca Can Martí!

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Prices are on a per room per night basis and do not include 10% VAT.

At the time of booking, a 50% deposit of the total room price has to be paid and a credit card number (no AMEX) must be provided. The remaining amount must be paid 10 days before arrival by bank transfer or by card.

Bookings are confirmed once we have received your deposit payment. Once a booking is confirmed, we reserve the right to charge the following cancellation fees:

With more than 30 days notice we will keep 10% of the booking total. Between 30 and 10 days, both included, we will keep 50% of the total of the booking. With less than 10 days notice, no show or early departure we will keep 100% of the booking total. 

Please note that no dates changes or refunds are possible if you made your booking using a voucher.

Extra bed at an additional charge of 40€ + 10% taxes per night in rooms with kitchen and 60€ + 10% taxes per night in rooms with breakfast included.

Baby bed at an additional charge of 20€ + 10% taxes per night.

Bookings of less than 5 nights, in rooms with kitchen, and less than 3 nights, in rooms without kitchen, cannot be made until 10 days before the arrival date.

On the day of arrival, check in time is between 4pm and 8pm. For a later check in time please contact us in advance. On the day of departure check out time is at 11am.

Basic room maintenance is carried out daily. In the event of a more thorough cleaning being necessary or requested, an extra charge of €20 per hour will be added to your bill.

In case any damage is cause by you during your stay we reserve the right to charge you for the estimated damage caused.

We are a non-smoking finca and unfortunately we cannot accommodate pets.