Slow down at canmarti

At Can Martí we like to contribute to the wellbeing of our guests and we have several facilities specially designed for this purpose.


We offer a variety of massages ranging from traditional relaxing to Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and Thai massages.
Treatments can be enjoyed outdoors under a covered pergola with beautiful views
or indoors in one of the finca’s traditional rooms.
All products used during massages are certified organic.

Natural pool

At Can Martí we have built the first natural pool in Ibiza, which is run by an ecological mechanism to keep the water crystal clear without using any chemicals or additives. This means: no dry skin or irritated eyes.

As the water is continuously circulating through a lava stone filter, additionally oxygenated by a waterfall, the pool is kept spotless. The roots of water lilies and other aquatic plants surrounding the pool help removing impurities throughout the day.
The pool is situated away from the main house. Therefore nature is all you will see and hear: butterflies, dragonflies and birds flutter around the water. Besides that it is an ideal location to see the sun set in between the surrounding hills.


The quiet, protected valley forms the ideal setting for your yoga practice. At Can Martí we offer the facilities to either practice on your own or take a yoga class. Contact us directly for more information.


Tel. +34 971 33 35 00