Discover the Island

The island has a lot to offer. From original shops and delicious food to a variety of outdoor activities, inland or at the sea(side).


The island shows a wide variety when it comes to restaurants and whether vegetarian, meat or fish lover, there is something for everybody.

The typical Ibizan cuisine is largely based upon seafood and meat.
“The Oleoteca Ses Escoles” in San Lorenzo, the legendary “Bar Costa” in Santa Gertrudis,“Bar Anita” in San Carlos and “The Chiringuito Cala Xuclar” are places we recommend for a rather traditional experience.
Other favourite restaurants such as “La Paloma” in San Lorenzo, “The Giri Café” in San Juan and “Ca Na Hathai” in Sant Miguel have a more diverse menu.

“Sabores Naturales” in San Juan and “Eat is Life” in Ibiza town use local produce and are perfectly suitable for vegetarians. And last but surely not least, for an all organic kitchen go to “Ecocentro” or “Wild Beets” in Santa Gertrudis. The latter one is also the place to be on the island when it comes to all vegan and raw food.


Ibiza’s mixed influences throughout history are at the base of its present multiculturalism. This is reflected in the vast variety of shops around the island. A beautiful example is the area surrounding the old market in the centre of Ibiza town which offers a broad mixture of little boutiques.

When it comes to clothing we like to shop at “Ibiza Code” in Ibiza or “Es Cucons, La Tienda” in Santa Gertrudis. For traditional furniture, decoration and baskets we head to “Junco y Mimbre” and our favourite organic shop is “Savia” both located in Ibiza town as well.


Throughout its 210 kilometres of coastline, Ibiza is home to over 80 beaches and coves. The northern side of the island hosts the most preserved and hidden beaches. The Finca, also located in the north, is only a five minute drive away from beaches as Xarraca, S’illot des Rencli, Cala Xuclar and Cala d’en Serra.

The crystal clear sea surrounding the island is perfect for snorkelling. For the more adventurous paddle surfing or kayaking alongside the wild, preserved coastline is highly recommended. And if you would like to discover Ibiza’s coastline from a different point of view, we suggest to rent a boat.


Can Martí is situated in the natural reserve called “Es Amunts” which encloses the most authentic part of the island. It is therefore a great starting point to engage on beautiful hiking routes through the hilly countryside, possibly ending up at one of the many secret beaches. If you are into mountain biking numerous cycling routes are to be discovered. We have mountain bikes available for our hotel guests. Horseback riding is another option, not far from the Finca riding tours can be organised.

The Sunday market

On Sundays “El Mercadillo de San Juan” offers the perfect occasion to discover another aspect of the island. The market’s diversity makes everybody feel welcome. Products range from homemade food and cosmetics to handmade clothes and jewellery. Live music completes the experience.


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